Webcasting is a form of media presentation that is distributed via the Internet through the use of streaming media technology. This technology allows for the distribution of a single content source to a great number of simultaneous listeners or viewers. There are basically two ways on how the media presentation can be distributed: one is to distribute it live, the other is to distribute it on demand. Its most basic definition is to ‘broadcast’ via the World Wide Web or the Internet.

How This Type of Media Presentation Can Be Used

In today’s time and age, as the market continues to gain extreme competitiveness, many businesses, whether small or large, are already beginning to leverage this type of media presentation. They take advantage of this so that they can expand their reach while also positively affecting the key virtual events and meetings that they hold as well as the messages that they relay. Depending on the nature or the niche of the business, this type of media presentation can be used in many different ways, including the following:

  • To hold and offer online events as well as live-motion virtual training sessions and classes
  • To provide customers, employees, and partners with live-motion product information
  • To illustrate, advertise, and promote the products and services being offered
  • To use as a social business platform in terms of spreading awareness about the products or services being offered
  • To make clients, employees, and partners aware of the various events being held for the promotion and the advertising of products and services

The Main Benefits of Utilizing Webcasts

For businesses that have employees or clients who are spread geographically, webcasting will allow them to reach a much wider audience without worrying about high costs. Key virtual events and important branding messages can be conveyed to a greater number of people through the use of this very impressive technology. There are many other benefits that businesses, regardless of the size, the type, or the niche, will be able to enjoy through this innovative media presentation technology. Some of these include the following:

  • More Extensive Audience Reach – Through the use of webcasts, businesses can potentially reach anyone virtually. All the listener or the viewer needs is Internet connection. Utilizing this streaming technology will extensively widen the access of participants not only to information, but also to online events.
  • Consistent and Simultaneous Training Sessions – Businesses can also benefit from the use of this technology by ensuring consistency in the virtual training sessions it holds. These organizations can train their employees or their subcontractors all at the same time, which means that less time is being spent on separate trainings. And since the same type of training will be given out, participants will receive consistent and uniform information.
  • Reduced Costs Related to Holding Traditional Events – Since businesses can hold online training sessions, they no longer have to spend money on travelling, venues, lodging, meals, and other related costs when holding traditional events.

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